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We call our club members Rotiesians, which is the same thing we call ourselves.

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Our total production is small, and our support in the Washington wine loving community is large, so the wine club is the best opportunity to ensure access to new releases before they sell out. There is an annual club shipment each spring, comprising the Northern Blend, Southern Blend, and Southern White.

Living the Rotiesian Life:

  • Lifetime Pricing- The Northern and Southern Blends will always be $40 per bottle and the Northern and Southern whites will always be $28.
  • Special Club Releases- Club members will receive advance notice regarding the release of wines that are only made in truly exceptional years. Additionally, these wines are offered to you, on a first come, first serve basis, at $45 per bottle, rather than the $60 retail.
  • $25 flat rate shipping on any Rotiesian orders throughout the year.
  • Special events- We host a few events each year for Rotiesians to say thank you for everyone’s support and to get to know each member personally.
  • Club Wine- A Vin du Pays wine is offered each year to club members at $240 per case (shipping included). This is a great weeknight wine and always a crowd pleaser at parties.
  • Love. Lots of it.


If you've already joined the club, we will be contacting you in early April by email and/or phone to update your information and confirm your allocation. If you know you have changes to you shipping or credit card information, you may either update your information in your profile or contact us by phone or email.